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Academic journal articles

  • David Hansen, Megan Laverty, and Rory Varrato, "Reimagining Research and Practice at the Crossroads of Philosophy, Teaching, and Teacher Education," Teachers College Record, Vol. 122, No. 4 (2020): 1-28,

  • More coming soon...


Non-journal articles

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Academic conference talks

YESS 2019.jpg

'Earth Day at 50' (L-R): Rory Varrato, Jeff Gracer, Sara Goddard, Robert Perschel, and Chip Spear

  • Rory Varrato, "Mortal Foresight: A Proposition for a Proposal," paper presentation at North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society (NEPES), October 3, 2020,

Non-conference talks

  • Rory Varrato, "Love in the Age of Extinction: A Critical Analysis of Intimacy in Film and Television," Film and Education Research Academy, Teachers College, Columbia University, March 19, 2018,

TEDx: Friendship in the Age of Facebook

TEDx: Friendship in the Age of Facebook

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